Kia Denise is a 23 year-old freelance Wardrobe Stylist, Image Consultant, and Personal Shopper based in Philadelphia, PA. Self-taught, she has been cultivating her passion and professionalism since high school; Kia Denise has parlayed the enjoyment she originally found in being the “go-to” person when friends needed help putting together an outfit, into a successful, expanding career.  Kia Denise has worked on several local projects, including photo shoots, films, weddings, and proms. Citing celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe as someone she admires, Kia Denise seeks to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a household name in the industry and inspiring individuals around the world to feel like fashion icons in their own right. Above all, Kia Denise takes pride in the confidence and beauty she helps clients see in themselves, and is honored to have had an impact on their lives. 

Frommystyle2urs is an open book of STYLE. Showing my style as well as others, showcasing my talents as a Stylist, Conducting interviews with individuals in the fashion industry, and keeping everyone updated with the latest trends. 

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