Monday, October 11, 2010

FALL SHOES!!!!!!!!!

Who doesn't Love a Good Boot??!!!

(Shoe Above : Finsk $672 can be found on

Lets work our way up. Were gonna start at the ankle! Ankle Boots are my favorite!  They add such a "chill" vibe to an outfit.

Now were moving up to the Knee, Over the knee, that is!!

Thee Ultimate Sexy Boot!!! If you want to add a little flare to your outfit, Go for this look!!!

Trust me, this dress would not look the same, without these boots!!

Other Boot trends...

The Flat Boot

You can wear these with everything!!

The Military Boot

This boot lets you play around with an outfit...Show off your boy-ish side!

 Another one of my favorites...

The wedged Boot!

 I think I'm starting to become overly obsessed with wedged boots. Every time I shop they're the first thing that I pic up! A MUST-HAVE for this season!

If you have any question of where to find, or how to wear?...Feel free to write me! 



  1. im loveing the boot look besides that all youll buy me lol

  2. lol! yes boots are all in your closet!!

  3. having the hardest time finding a nice over the knee boot that fits nice... but you most def inspired me to search harder


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