Thursday, February 17, 2011


(Photo By: Larry Wright)

 Designers Nyce and Homm of Jeantrix with Models

(Photo By: Larry Wright)

I'm glad that I was given the opportunity to Intern with Jeantrix
The atmosphere was very Chill. I was'nt nervous at all!

(Photos taken By: Larry Wright) 
Their signature pieces are truly One of A Kind!

Myself along with another Intern Quenell
We grew to be very close by the end of
the Night.
Patrick, Felipe G. Personal assistant and Myself.
Another Great person I bonded with that Night!

My overall experience was Great! The show was held on 160 w. 25th St. New York City. The venue (Los Chicas Locas) was very intimate, not too huge. It gave everyone the chance to meet, and conversate. Perfect for Networking. If I was given the opportunity to work with these young gentlemen again I'd gladly accept their offer! You would think there was chaos but everything ran smooth. Granted the show was an hour behind, But seriously what great show actually starts on time???

Be sure to check out their website Very Cool Pieces!

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