Friday, June 17, 2011

Look of The Day: Palazzo Pant Jumpsuit !

Thursday Afternoon was full of task! But before I did anything I took a few pics for you guys! I have'nt done a "Look of The Day" in a long time! 

I had some pulling to do for Upcoming Photo Shoots so I wanted to be comfortable. This jumpsuit inspired me to do the "Hippie Chic" Post, with the Palazzo Pants. I just love the look of this. I paired it with all gold accessories, and a chunky heeled orange shoe.

The buttons on the side of the pants adds such a nice touch to it.
I wanted to break up all of the blue, so I decided to carry a large Grey Clutch.

I love these Shoes!

-Thanks for Reading!

Kia Denise


  1. I love the jumpsuit! Its about time I got me some palazzo pants!x

  2. You look fabulous, I love the pop of color your orange shoes give to the outfit!

    The Honeyroom

  3. Thank You!!! I think a few in every color sounds great!! I know I need more! lol

  4. This is such a cute look! I love the shoes.


    Carmen Vogue

  5. I love the ideas you came up with for your blog, while starting my own I cheacked out yours kinda as my template


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