Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Styled by Kia Denise! : Lara Elizabeth Designs

Just wanted to start off by saying, I MISS YOU GUYS!! I really do, I feel like I barely post. BUT!! I promise to do more post frequently. Having the Blogger App will play a big part in that!

July, boy oh boy JULY! It was thee most hectic month ever! I was the Wardrobe Stylist for four different shoots! I enjoyed every second  of it. I could never get tired of doing something I love!!

This shoot took place July 22nd. My team and I shot with Photographer Jim Cottingham, using Lara Elizabeth Beautiful Designs.

The hair was done by  Dominique Nicole

Make Up was done by Koko Guerra


Here's our "Behind the scenes" Video!!

I will be posting more Photography and Videos from all of my recent Shoots! Stay Tuned....

Thanks for Reading!
-Kia Denise

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