Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Styled By Kia Denise! Chai Tea Vintage Shoot!

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, what shall I do?, what shall I do? Hhhmmmm! Hey lets do a shoot!!

Of course it wasnt as simple as that. We spent weeks on planning this shoot. Picking models, deciding which look would work best for them, and deciding hair and make up looks for each model. The easiest part was.....Finding the location!!

We shot in a abandoned tire junk yard (I believe that's what it was.)  Being the " Scaredy Cat" that I am. I was paranoid about everything! " Dont walk there!  " "Dont touch that!" Im a mess when it comes to places like that. But if it gives us a good shot I'll manage!

I was able to work with a very talented group of young adults!
Of course my team and I came together! The photo's Came out great! Let me know your thoughts!

Model: Slim Freeman

Model: Salena Beans

Cali Shabazz, Vintage Shopper and Owner of Chai Tea Vintage is re-launching her Online Vintage Store! It will be back up September 29th! I'll be announcing the big launch! Stay Tuned!

Creative Director: Cali Shabazz of Chai Tea Vintage

Make Up Artist: Koko Guerra of  Faces By Koko

Hair Stylist: Dominique Nicole

Wardrobe Stylist: Yours Truly!  Kia Denise of From My Style 2 Urs

Here's part 1 of The Behind the Scenes Footage!

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