Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Must HAVE Fall and Winter Accessories!

I know you guys are probably saying "This post is long overdue" BUT as promised I will be sharing some of this Fall's and Winter's HOTTEST Accessories!

Lets work our way down from head to toe!


Head Turbans are a funky chic accessory. You can find it in just about all prints! Even Faux Fur!

Fur Hats, Fedora's and Beanie's are all included in this CRAZE!


A little twist on your regular scarf! Pretty cool!

Now a little something to keep your fingers warm!



All of these accessories can be worn with EVERYTHING around this time of year! This is why Fall is my favorite season. The most simple outfit with a few accessories makes it look as if you spent hours picking out what to wear.

Suede, Leather, Faux Fur, Silk, Cotton, and Plenty more! You have tons of options for these accessories! Dress them up or dress them down. There so much you can do with them!

My favorite's are definitely the Fur Hat, Head Turban, Snood's, and of course the Over The Knee Socks!
 Do you have your favorites?

I cant finish this post without giving my Fashionista's a list of where to find these awesome pieces! So here it is!

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise

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