Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk the Talk!

The event will bring bloggers to a red carpet event to share industry knowledge, network with celebrity fashion insiders, all while eating, shopping, getting a massage, and more! There will be a small fashion show giving you the inside look of the new line Adore.

This will be my first Blogger's event that I'll be attending! Can we say SUPER excited! Bloggers are very important in all industries. We give all of our readers insight on what's new and what's NOW! Which is beneficial to events, shows, designers, and plenty more.

This event will be treating Bloggers as VIP guest. Providing massages, appetizers, giveaways, games, and most important SHOPPING! 300 Bloggers have already confirmed! Dont miss out on this awesome event! RSVP TODAY!

1520 Kater Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

You MUST RSVP with the following:
Your name:
Your blog URL:
Name of your 1 guest:
Send to:

RSVP BY 12/1/11

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise


  1. I'm super happy for you!!

  2. many compliments! wishes for the event! =)
    iwait for you in my blog!!

  3. it was great meeting you on saturday...look forward to checking out your blog


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