Thursday, December 8, 2011

Designer of the YEAR: Mariel Rojo!

Mariel Rojo was born on January 3rd, 1988 in Guadalajara, Mexico. A naturally gifted child with an adventurous spirit, she aspired for greatness very early in life. Even at a young age she had a passion for design and fashion. Jokingly she recounts stories of her childhood – “at age 7 I used to make dresses out of anything, even toilet paper!” As she grew up she began taking her ambitions for design more seriously.

 At 20 years of age she gathered what little money she had left and moved to Europe to jump start her education towards the world of
fashion designing. There she studied at Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain. She spent the next 3 years there refining her knowledge and skills, but it was in no way easy for her. Even though she was pursuing her dreams many great and difficult sacrifices had to be made. Being apart from her loved ones for so long was a heavy burden on her heart, but this did not diminish her resolve! Even upon her last year of schooling, when she had no way of paying for tuition, Mariel with the help of her dedicated mother managed to pay up in full! This was no easy task, as her mother worked 3 jobs to make this happen. And out of everything she learned from her time at school, her most valuable lesson was the realization that fashion design is merely art and she herself was an artist.

 Rojo has said many times before “My passion is to create with fabrics, textures, volumes, silhouettes…fashion is creation!” And her work certainly reflects this ideal. Each of her pieces is an amalgamation of style and imagination pieced together by immense skill and an eye for detail. She admits that her greatest ideas come to her when she sleeps – “frequently, My best inspiration comes right from My dreams at night. But in a way I am always dreaming. It is like living My dream, awake.” Mariel Rojo sees herself as a humble artist who is merely transforming her thoughts into something beautiful everyone can wear. Women sensuality, her strength and beauty are qualities that she wants to represent in her clothing. She makes clothes for determined women,art lover, hard-working,who never forgets about her femine side that we all have.

“Theres no limits for art and imagination”- Mariel Rojo

Favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Margiela, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli.

Although I haven't had the privilege of meeting Mariel  in person, we chat often through social networks. I can tell that shes a genuine person, and a sweetheart. Her work is gorgeous, and she has a personality to match!

 To see the rest of Mariel's Collections be sure to check out her website!

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise



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