Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fashiongasm: Mijourne Jewlery!

Mijourne Jewelry Company retails and wholesales high fashion, trendy, and celebrity inspired jewelry, in which similar pieces of jewelry can be found in the latest fashion magazines and on celebrities walking down the red carpet of an award show.

Mijourne also provides Jewelry Consulting Services for small businesses and independent jewelry consultants seeking to gain an edge in pricing, quality, and market trends.

Mijourne’s mission is to provide quality fashion jewelry with affordable prices. Also, to provide quality advice that will drive sales and promote growth for other small businesses and boutique owners, matching the knowledge they have acquired while working in the jewelry and fashion industries with their clients business needs to expand and match evolving markets.

To view more of their gorgeous collections check out their site:

They can also be contacted on the links below:

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-Kia Denise

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