Monday, July 2, 2012

In the City

Friday night was date night! My hot date and I headed into the city for dinner, and cocktails at one of our favorite spots in the city.

We had dinner at Fish, a pretty cool restraunt in Society Hill. Being that my boyfriend and I are Pescatarian's we try to find restaraunts with a wide variety of seafood dishes.

After dinner we headed to Continental, one of our favorite places in the city. They have an amazing rooftop, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Ending our night with a few cocktails, and an amazing view of the night sky.

It was unbearably hot this night! Like ridculously hot! I didnt take many pictures outside. I wore a thrifted skirt, asos top, with asos heels. My boyfriend wore Zara pants, and top.

(Peep our fake smiles in the last photo lol)

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise

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