Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Saturday at Saks Fifth

Saturday afternoon I headed to Saks Fifth, located on City Line Avenue in Philadelphia PA, to meet with a good friend of mine. He gave me a tour of the location, and introduced me to some of his staff. It was my first time seeing this store, and I must say its absolutely beautiful. From the outside you would never think the store was so big, inside there are 3 floors. After my tour Marc, who's the manager of the Contemporary and Gift/Home department , showed me all of the latest pieces that they received in for the fall. We all know fall is my favorite season! 

With the store receiving tons of new items everyday, I most likely will be shopping there every weekend. I cant wait to share some of my looks that I've recently purchased!

Next Thursday August 30th, meet the Rep from  McQ (Alexander McQueens second line) she'll be at this Saks Fifth location.

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise

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