Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steal your Boyfriend's Clothes!!!

Styled By: Kia Denise

I always love Larger Blazers. All depends on what look your going for. I say this is perfect for a dinner date, with the girls, or with your guy. Keep the blazer during dinner, and if going out for cocktails, feel free to take it off. Two looks in one. You cant go wrong with that!

Now...I know we've all seen this look before...


This look is a total hit! Don't be afraid to hide your curves. This boyish look is to die for! Of course you wouldn't wear this on a date with him, People will think you two share clothes lol. So I say wear this for a regular, chill day, or even better, a SHOPPING DAY! Nothing like being comfortable while browsing stores for hours!

P.S. Thee, and I do mean place to buy larger blazers for cheap is ...once again. Your Local thrift store!

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