Thursday, September 30, 2010

Romantic VS. Edgy


When you think of lace, what pops into your head. Sexy, right? WRONG!! This season lace comes in many different ways. From romantic dresses, to edgy tights.

I have yet to purchase a lace dress, I want to find the perfect one. Some dresses could give off a cheesy look, YOU NEVER WANT THAT!! My fave would have to be lace tights!

With Lace tights, you can dress them up, or down. As seen in my picture to the left I threw on a blazer, and Over-The-Knee boots with mine. And if you look at the picture to your right. Megan Fox dressed down with hers. A hoodie and a military boot! I love it!!


Lace can be found just about everywhere!! If you need tips I'm always here!!

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