Monday, October 4, 2010

Guy or Gal...Trousers are IN!!

Love Love Love Love TROUSERS!!

They give you a professional, classy, yet sexy look! Just all depends on how you wear them.

They add a nice touch to your regular work outfit. You'll be in a professional atmosphere so, I recommend A blazer, and a nice pump. Few accessories. And a nice simple belt.

Day Time Play:

Just for a regular chill day, You can always pair them with a simple top, and some flats. Even could throw a jacket, or cardigan on with them!!

Out on The Town:

No description needed! I LOVE THIS!

Granted if you don't have a fur, you can always do without. Just make sure you wear a very high sexy heel! Make it a strappy, or closed toe wedged heel! Leave the pumps for work : )

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