Friday, April 22, 2011

Lorenza Strini...The Personal Shopper!

Where are you from?                 
I'm from Italy, I live in Rome.

Q. When did you start blogging?

A. Seriously, just 3 months ago

Q. What is the purpose of your blog?

A. At the beginning I just opened the blog for work, I have personal
shopper agency with my friend, but then I became a blog-addicted!
and I really started to use it to say what I think about fashion, and
trends.To show my followers the pictures I love, and sometimes to say what I really don't

Q. Out of your closet, what is your favorite piece of clothing?

A. Wow! This is a difficult answer, I love shoes, bags and
clothes...but maybe my favorites are bags!

 Q. Laptop, Cell Phone, Camera, which one can you NOT live without?

 A. I couldn't live without my IPhone, and my pc, to post on my blog!

 Q. Your favorite shopping sites?

 A. I really love the center of Rome, there some wonderful little shops,
where you can create very personal outfit.

 Q. What is your must have item for Spring?

 A. A bright color skirt.

 Q. Your favorite accessorie ?

 A. Again bagssssssss (I have an addiction for Balenciga)

 Q. Your top 5 favorite Cities?

 A. New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Rome

 Q. What is your life long goal?

 A. That my personal shopper agency will grow!

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