Thursday, January 26, 2012

iPad Fun! : Behind the Scenes of R. Champagne Bow Tie Collection Shoot!

I collabed with Reginald Champagne of R. Champagne. My first Male Photo Shoot! I was so excited, I decided to dress up like the fellas! I was given my very own bowtie!

The shoot took place in Brooklyn New York. Now usually I love trips to the big city, but this decided to snow!

Being as though we had an early bus trip, traffic was insane, and most of the highway had yet to be plowed, awesome right? Long story short we made it to NY and created magic on set!


We wanted to do a Monochromatic Shoot, which means the shoot would be in Black and White, and Shades of Grey. We shot with Photographer Anthony Leslie of Equator Productions.

Super Proud to say that I styled every fella in the room, well minus the Photographer (LOL) 

 The AWESOME Dominique Nicole styling the Models Hair!

I look forward to seeing the finished photos, and hope that you guys will like them as well!

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise

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