Saturday, June 9, 2012

Punta Cana Day 3

Our third day, we enjoyed a great boat party, and snorkeling with the fishes.

Gearing up to go snorkeling with the fishes, this was my first time I was a little nervous. The coral reef was beautiful and the fishes were amazing.

We met some pretty cool people, from all over the world! It was a great time. Luckily one of the passenger plugged their iPhone up and had an amazing playlist. That helped the party get started!

Back at the resort we changed for dinner, I wore all H&M I cut the top to give it a cropped look. I wore burgundy heels with this to let the pink and orange stand out.

The green cocktail in my hand is called "Island Kiss" Its so good served frozen it cools you off immediately. 

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise


  1. Cute outfit!

  2. I rlly love your bathing suit, esp the leopard panels on the side.. your outfit is rlly cute as well, I can tell yall had a rlly good time! wish I was there now lol


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