Friday, July 6, 2012

Afternoon Walk

With a free afternoon, I took the pooch for a stroll. Wearing my new dress! It was beyond hot, like 97 degrees hot!

I threw my hair in a bun, and wore my new dress that I recently received from Closet Piece. This dress is so perfect for this type for weather. The material is super light and the racer back keeps you cool. I wish I could wear this everyday, seriously cosidering purchasing every color. To dress it up I wore my orange sandals and my white clutch. It was super sunny so shades were definitely required.

My dog, Armani is camera shy. I couldn't get a good pose from her to save my life!

This dress can be purchased at be sure to check out the site. I have a few pieces from them, and they have amazing items on their site.

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise


  1. I really can't get over the way you wore this dress. The summer heat can beat down some of the best fashion stars! You look effortless in this dress!


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