Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lucky FABB Conference

Brandon Holley, Editor and Chief  of Lucky Magazine opened up the conference with Terry Lundgren who's chairmen, President, and CEO of Macy's Inc.

Followed by a few questions we then met, Lauren Sherman, Leandra Medine, Leah Chernikoff, and Annie Georgia. They're segment was "The Big Picture" Discussing they got their foot in this industry in what they hope to accomplish in the near future. I took tons of notes during this segment, they gave great pointers on how to stay focused on your goal.

During our coffee break I headed into the lower level which had tons of vendors, I took notice to "THREADFLIP", an online marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved fashion. 

The moment I've waited for! For weeks I prepared myself to finally see Rachel Zoe in person, like can you believe it was really her! She discussed life pre and post baby. Her personality lit up the room, and made it feel like we were friends just having girl talk! She also discussed her new line which will be shown in New York for Fashion Week.  P.S. Rachel revealed that her show "The Rachel Zoe Project" will be back for Season 5!"

After "Conversation with Rachel Zoe" we met Steven Kolb, Mitch Grossbach, Shana Fisher, and Federico Marchetti, Their segmant was "The next Wave" Discussing how to take blogging to the next level. 

Another coffee break gave me the opportunity to visit all of the festivities going on upstairs. There was a beauty bar giving free make overs, and handing out tons of beauty products.

Back from our break we met the beautiful Lauren Conrad who discussed life after being a reality star. She's now an Author, and Designer. We had the chance to catch up with her new projects, and new plans for the future.

After the conference it was party time! We kicked our heels off and let our hair down while we enjoyed Wine, and Margaritas. The hors d'oeuvre's were delicious, even though I could only eat the mini lobster sandwiches, and tomato pies I really enjoyed them. 

I'm super happy that I was able to attend this conference I learned so much, and met so many wonderful people. 

Thanks for Reading!

-Kia Denise


  1. That picture of me is so great hahaha

  2. That picture of you is GREAT, you should see the one I have :)


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