Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From My Style 2 Urs Invades Saks Fifth Avenue

Here are the final photos from My Shoot with Saks Fifth Avenue! I wanted the shoot to show the typical shopping day, just super glamorous! It starts off in the fitting room, where I'm trying on a few outfits. I then go to my favorite part of  the store which is, of course the shoe department. After having a ball trying on all types of shoes I make my way up to the 3rd floor to browse the gown department. After falling in love with this beautiful dress I quickly put it on, and give it a spin around the store. After twirling and spinning in the dress, I packed it all up to-go, and then headed home. Sounds like a perfect day right!! 

I was able to pull any clothing article I wanted, and was able to shoot at any part of the store. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had! The managers and staff were so friendly I felt like I've known them forever, which was a good thing because I am super camera shy when I have others looking. Everyone loved it and we met so many new people it was unbelievable! 

First Look:
My Own Shoes

Second Look:
Own Shoes
(Scattered Christian Louboutin Shoes)

Third Look:
My Own Shoes

Fourth Look:
Own Shoes

Fifth Look:
Own Shoes

I want to give everyone at Saks Fifth Avenue (Located on City Line Avenue) A BIG THANK YOU!

Thanks for Reading!

- Kia Denise


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