Monday, October 1, 2012

Instagram Photos: Over the Weekend

As you can see I had a busy weekend, Yet very VERY productive! I'll start with Saturday My good friend Jamel came to visit during my photo shoot at Saks. He's one of few stylish men I know, and has the best personality ever. Saturday night My hot date and I headed to Maggiano's for dinner. After having a long day we called it in early. Were beginning to accept the fact that we are old people stuck in a young persons body  lol! 

Sunday we headed back to Saks to pay our friend Marc a visit, after saks we went down to South St. to visit a store I've been dying to see! Pnk Elephant one of the hottest accessories store , now carries clothing. And very nice clothing might I add! I checked out all of their latest pieces, and fell in love instantly. I purchased a really cute top, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all!

After South Street Theo and I headed into Old City for Lunch, we ate at Triumph a cool hip restaurant with a great atmosphere. The last photo is a picture of the roses Theo and my sister gave me after my shoot. It was a nice suprise, and I love yellow roses. I think I covered everything! Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Thanks for Reading!

- Kia Denise

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  1. Great photos, what an exciting weekend! Can't wait to see more from the photo shoot.
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